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1967.03.22 - L1 flight scenario undecided

Kerimov argued with Mishin that without any logical reason his demand that the cosmonauts go to the cosmodrome for training has disrupted their preparation schedule. Later Kamanin met with Gagarin, Leonov, Volynov, and Makarov, all selected as pilots for L1 lunar flybys. The L1 flight scenario was still open. Variant 1 would involve launch of two spacecraft, with transfer of one to two crew to the translunar spacecraft in earth orbit. Variant 2 would be a direct flight to the moon.

No flightworthy lunar spacecraft or trainers have been completed yet, making it impossible to solve many questions of how to equip the spacecraft. Kamanin continues to argue with Mishin and OKB-1 over the background of the lunar lander pilot for L3 missions. Mishin wants him to be an engineer instead of an Air Force pilot. But it would take two to three years to train an engineer, and they have only 15 months until the planned date for the lunar landing.

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