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Midway Island NDZ

Air-launched rocket drop zone known to have been used for 1 launch in 2005, reaching up to 300 kilometers altitude.

Longitude: -177.0000 deg.
Latitude: 40.0000 deg.

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Associated Launch Vehicles
  • LRALT American air-launched target rocket. Air-launched anti-ballistic missile target composed of two surplus SR19 states in tandem. More...

Associated Launch Sites
  • Midway Midway Island is approximately half way between North America and Asia. The uninhabited place was seized as an American possession in 1903 to provide a base for the first transpacific cable. It was later developed into a naval air station and figured importantly in early military and commercial aviation as a refuelling point for transpacific flights. It consists of two major atolls, Sand Island and Eastern Island, both of them almost entirely taken up by airfields. More...

Midway Island NDZ Chronology

2005 September 26 - . Launch Site: Midway Island NDZ. Launch Pad: 42.0 N x 176.0 W. Launch Platform: C-17. Launch Vehicle: LRALT.
  • Cobra Dane Test - . Nation: USA. Agency: USA MDA. Apogee: 300 km (180 mi). Summary: Air-launched from a C-17. Missile Defense Radar Technology target..

2009 December 11 - . Launch Site: Midway Island NDZ. Launch Vehicle: LRALT. LV Configuration: LRALT THAAD Target.
  • Target - . Nation: USA. Agency: MDA. Apogee: 10 km (6 mi).

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