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Obtaining permission for use of materials from astronautix.com

Pictures and drawings credited © Mark Wade:
  • These may be used 'as is' in Print, CD-ROM's, or other web sites provided:

    • Picture credit is given with © Mark Wade noted.
    • Mark Wade is notified of their use
    • A link to astronautix.com (http://www.astronautix.com/) is given.

    No further specific agreement is required provided these conditions are met.

  • Higher-resolution versions of the pictures and drawings for printed works can be provided for a fee or in exchange for a copy of the published work. Contact Mark Wade, providing the file names and the required size and resolution of the desired images.

All other photographs, drawings, or materials:

  • If a specific copyright notice or credit to an individual is given, that person should be contacted directly to arrange for further use.

  • All other images used on the site are believed to be in the public domain. However no warranty is made and use of such materials is at your own risk. Any such use should not credit Mark Wade, astronautix.com, or the Encyclopedia Astronautica. If a corporate or governmental entity is credited, they should be contacted regarding use of their materials in your specific application.

Written material on this site, except for 'fair use' excerpts in reviews or articles, may not be reproduced without the permission of the author.

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