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Adasko, Vladimir Iosifiyanovich (1933-1963) Russian engineer. Talented engineer of electro-mechanical systems. Director of VNIIEM, All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Electromechanics in 1991-1993.

Completed Krusin Moscow Electromechanical Technical School in 1952. Worked at TsKB Electroprivod from 1957-1991 in positions of increasing responsibility. Organised completion of development of the Meteor spacecraft and developed the Meteor-3. Worked on the Bulgaria-1300 satellite, derived from the Meteor bus.

Born: 1933.
Died: 1963.01.01.

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  • VNIIEM Russian manufacturer of spacecraft. VNII Elektromekhaniki (Russian abbreviation for All-Union Scientific-Research Institute for Electro-Mechanics), Russia. More...

  • Melnik, T G, Voenno-Kosmicheskiy Siliy, Nauka, Moscow, 1997..

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