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Agaltsov, Fillip Aleksandrovich (1900-1980) Russian officer. Air Force Deputy Commander-in-Chief 1958-1962. Directed the first selection of cosmonauts.

Born: 1900.01.08.
Died: 1980.01.01.

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  • Siddiqi, Asif A, The Soviet Space Race With Apollo, University Press of Florida, 2003.

Agaltsov Chronology

1961 March 15 - .
  • IAKM Tour - . Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Agaltsov; Vershinin; Alekseyev, Semyon; Gagarin; Titov; Nelyubov. Program: Vostok. Flight: Vostok 1. Spacecraft: Vostok; Sokol SK-1. Chief of Staff F A Agaltsov visits the Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine (IAKM) to review the six cosmonauts' training for flight. An 11-day trial is underway of the hot mock-up of the Vostok capsule's environmental control system. He also sees the dogs that have flown in space: Belka, Strelka, and Chernushka. Strelka has six 3-month-old puppies. Vershinin delivers a speech asking the cosmonauts to be morally prepared for spaceflight. The cosmonauts complain about the performance of Alekseyev's design bureau - of six spacesuits ordered, only three have been delivered (for Gagarin, Titov, and Nelyubov), and they haven't been able to train in parachute jumping in the suits yet.

1961 April 14 - .
  • Gagarin returns to Moscow - . Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Gagarin; Agaltsov; Yazdovskiy; Khrushchev. Program: Vostok. Flight: Vostok 1. Everyone is up at the dacha on the Volga at 06:00 and are ready to leave shortly thereafter. Now the weather in Moscow is expected to be fine. At 10:40 an Il-18 takes off for Moscow with Gagarin's party. This consists of Gagarin, Agaltsov, Rytov, Yazdovskiy, several correspondents, and some film operators. 50 km from Moscow seven fighters intercept the transport and form up as an escort, two off each wing, and three trailing. Gagarin calls them on the radio 'Brother fighter pilots - I send you greetings - Yuri Gagarin!' The aircraft formation flies down Lenin Prospekt, Red Square, and then up Gorkiy Street to Vnukovo. There are masses of people everywhere below. At exactly 15:00 the aircraft shuts down its engines 100 m from the reviewing stands. Yuri exits the aircraft and steps into history....

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