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Akunin, Vyacheslav Glebunivich (1928-1997) Russian officer. Lieutenant General, Deputy Commander of Logistics for the Soviet Space Forces 1981-1986.

Entered the Soviet Army in 1946. In 1949-1953 increasing rank, ending as commander of a logistics division. In 1953-1957 attended Army Logistics and Transport Academy. 1967-1969 attended the General Staff Military Academy. Thereafter Chief of Logistics for the 28th Guards Army, Head of Operational Logistics Staff for the Soviet Military Forces, Deputy Commander for Logistics for the 11th Guards Army, Deputy Commander for Logistics for the Siberian Military Region. In 1981 named Deputy Chief of Logistics for GUKOS. In 1986 assigned to command logistics forces in the Western Military Direction. Retired in 1988.

Born: 1928.
Died: 1997.01.01.

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