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Baryshev, Vladimir Mikhailovich (1913-1992) Russian engineer. Designer of automated check-out and launch systems. Deputy General Designer and Chief of Filial 2 of TsKB Mashinostroenniye.

From 1930 worked as a motor mechanic at Zhukovskiy Flight Test Centre. In 1940 completed studies at the Moscow Conductor Design Institute. From 1940-1960 worked on electrical systems at several aviation design bureaus. From 1951-1960 Deputy General Designer at Myasishchyev's OKB-23. After this bureau was taken over by Chelomei, worked from 1960-1981 at TsKB Mashinostroenniye. Here he guided development of electronics systems for the unified transport-launch containers for missiles, the Proton launch vehicle, and several spacecraft.

Born: 1913.
Died: 1992.01.01.

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