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Beloborodov, Valeri Mikhailovich (1939-2004) Russian pilot cosmonaut, 1967-1969.

Graduated from Higher Air Force School, Chernigov, Ukraine, 1963 Cosmonaut training May 1967 - 18 August 1969. Withdrawn from training of personal or political reasons. Returned to service as a fighter pilot. Was an aircraft commander in Afghanistan and a Deputy Squadron Leader in the 8th Air Division. Retired from the Air Force as a Major in 1987 and worked thereafter in a factory as supervisor for transport. Retired in 1996. Died of a heart attack.

Birth Place: Oloviyanna, Chita.
Status: Deceased.
Born: 1939.10.26.
Died: 2004.09.20.

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1967 April 12 - .
2004 September 20 - .
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