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Bokov, Vsevolod Andreyevich (1921-) Russian officer. Major General, Chief of Directorate at GUKOS space forces 1970-1980.

Trained at Dzerzhinsky Artillery Academy. In December 1946 was assigned to the first unit deployed to the Kapustin Yar testing ground. In June 1955 transferred to the new Tyuratam cosmodrome as Chief of Analysis Unit. From June 1961, Deputy Chairman of NTK GURVO. From January 1965, served as head of the section for military problems of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences. From 1970-1980 headed GUKOS directorate handling development of launch vehicles and launch complexes. Retired in January 1980. Participated in launch of first V-2 in Russia and launch of first Sputnik.

Born: 1921.

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