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Budnik, Vasili Sergeyevich (1913-) Russian engineer. First Deputy Designer of KB Yuzhnoye 1954-1972.

Entered Minsk Architect-Construction Technical School in 1932,graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute in 1940 with honours. Worked at Ilyushin's design bureau from 1940-1943, then assigned to the new NII-1 to work on rocket technology. Worked in Germany recovering Nazi rocket technology in 1945-1946. Worked with Korolev on the R-1, R-1A, and R-2 derivatives of the German V-2 missile. From 1947-1951, a Deputy Chief Designer under Korolev. In 1952 assigned to the new R-1 factory at Dnepropetrovsk as Chief Constructor of the Factory. From 1972, following retirement from industry, worked as an instructor at the Dnepropetrovsk branch of the Ukrainian Institute of Mechanics.

Born: 1913.06.24.

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