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Cohen, Aaron American engineer, at NASA 1962-1992. Played important role in Apollo program, and later directed development of space shuttle orbiter from design to initial flight test.

Educated Texas A&M.

Official NASA Biography

Aaron Cohen came to NASA in 1962 and played a key role in the Apollo Program, where his efforts were critical to the success of all six lunar landings. He later became Manager for the Space Shuttle orbiter, directing the orbiter's design, development, production and initial flight testing. During this period Mr. Cohen worked at the Johnson Space Center at Houston, Texas. In 1986 he became Johnson Space Center Director, from which he was called to Headquarters as Acting NASA Deputy Administrator.

NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin said Cohen brought technical excellence, integrity, dedication, and leadership to the agency. "He was all of the finest you could hope for in a government servant," he said.

At the time of his retirement in 1993, Mr. Cohen said, "I have had the privilege of working with the giants of our profession, and I have had the good fortune to see future giants in the making. I am confident our nation's future space endeavors will be in good hands."

Cohen was educated at Texas A&M University, and upon his retirement, August 20, 1993, he became the Zachry Professor of Engineering at his alma mater.

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