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Emmerich, Lewis (1924-2004) American engineer. Project engineer for the Atlas-Mercury manned launch vehicle.

Emmerich, son of a son of a business executive, was raised in Scarsdale and Washington DC. His college education was interrupted by the Second World War. After service at as a communications sergeant in Europe, he returned to school and graduated in electrical engineering from Purdue in 1948. After working with Northrop and Datron Electronics, he joined General Dynamics Astronautics Division in 1958. There he worked on the Azusa tracking program and later as booster project engineer for the Mercury man-rated version of the Atlas. From 1965-1970 he was Program Director of the Apollo Instrumentation Ships program, and then Director of Operations, at the General Dynamics Shipbuilding Division at Quincy, Massachusetts. From 1970-1986 he held senior management positions at Litton Industries, Servo Corporation; Envirotech; and Timpte Industries. Thereafter he headed the Spartan Consulting Group, and served on several boards of directors. He was an active private pilot and consulted on transportation planning for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Birth Place: Bronxville, New York.

Born: 1924.03.21.
Died: 2004.02.10.

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  • Death of Lewis Emmerich - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Emmerich. Summary: American engineer. Project engineer for the Atlas-Mercury manned launch vehicle..

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