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Fartushny, Vladimir Grigoryevich (1938-) Ukrainian engineer cosmonaut, 1968-1971.

Received candidate of technical sciences degree from Paton-Institute (IEP), Kiev, 1966. Civilian Engineer, Paton Institute. Suspended after a car accident, 1971. Retired from training group 1973. From 1992 to 1996 Director of Paton-Institute (NPO VISP). Retired in 1998.

Birth Place: Simferopol.
Status: Inactive.
Born: 1938.02.03.

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Associated Flights
  • Soyuz n 19 Crew: Fartushny, Shatalov. The active spacecraft in the second planned test of the Kontakt lunar rendezvous/docking system. 15 to 16 day missions to demonstrate the new SZhO life support system for the LOK manned lunar orbiter. More...
  • Soyuz Kontakt P Crew: Lazarev, Makarov. Final crews selected for a dual Soyuz mission in Earth orbit to test the Kontakt docking system to be used on the lunar landing LOK and LK spacecraft. The Kontakt-P Soyuz would have been the passive spacecraft, simulating the LK lunar lander. Backup crew: Fartushny, Klimuk. More...

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  • Becker, Joachim, "Space Facts Web Site", http://www.spacefacts.de/, Web Address when accessed: here.

Fartushny Chronology

1968 March 27 - .
  • Vulkan Engineering Cosmonaut Training Group selected. - . Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Fartushny. Summary: The group was selected to provide engineer to operate Vulkan space welding system..

1970 February-March - .
1973 Early - .
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