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Fatkullin, Mars Nurgaliyevich (1939-2003) Russian scientist cosmonaut, 1967-1970.

Doctor of physical-mathematical sciences degree, 1978. Scientist, Institute of Terrastrial Magnetism & Radiowaves of Academy of Sciences. Cosmonaut training May 1967 - August 1968. His group of scientist-cosmonauts was dissolved after the cancellation of the Soviet lunar landing program. Worked as an engineer for IZMIRAN-Institute in Troizk near Moscow. Became a professor in 1988.

Birth Place: Traroye Shaimurzino Droshanovs.
Status: Deceased.
Born: 1939.05.14.
Died: 2003.04.16.

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Fatkullin Chronology

1967 May 22 - .
  • Academy of Sciences Cosmonaut Training Group 1 selected. - . Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Fatkullin; Gulyayev, Rudolf; Kolomiytsev; Yershov. Summary: The group was selected to provide scientists for planned Soviet lunar landing missions..

2003 April 16 - .
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