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Gasparini, Jean-Marc Michel Daniel (1963-) French engineer astronaut, 1990-1998. Graduated from Polytechnic School, 1985 Combat and test pilot, French Air Force. Chief test pilot at Bretigny Flight Test Center .

Birth Place: Marseille.
Status: Inactive.

Born: 1963.01.22.

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  • Astronaut Category of persons, applied to those trained for spaceflight outside of Russia and China. More...
  • CNES Group 2 - 1990 Requirement: French astronauts for spaceflights aboard Hermes spaceplane and to Mir and US space stations. More...

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Gasparini Chronology

1990 August 1 - .
  • CNES Astronaut Training Group 2 selected. - . Nation: France. Related Persons: Eyharts; Gasparini. Summary: French astronauts trained for flights to the Mir space station..

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