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Grau, Dieter (1913-) German engineer in WW2, member of the Rocket Team in the United States thereafter.

German expert in guided missiles during World War II. As of January 1947, working at Fort Bliss, Texas. Worked his entire life with the rocket team, at Fort Bliss, White Stands, and then at Huntsville. As of 1960, Director, Quality Division, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Still living in Huntsville, Alabama in 2004.

Born: 1913.04.24.

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  • Objective List of German and Austrian Scientists, Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, 2 January 1947.

Grau Chronology

1968 August 12 - . LV Family: Saturn V. Launch Vehicle: Saturn V.
  • Apollo pogo structural testing quality surveillance defined - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Grau. Program: Apollo. Dieter Grau, Director of Quality and Reliability Assurance at MSFC, sent his Houston counterpart Martin Raines a memorandum of understanding covering exchanges of quality surveillance responsibility in support of pogo structural testing under way both in Huntsville, Ala., and at MSC. Testing was being conducted simultaneously at the Wyle Laboratories in Huntsville (under contract to North American Rockwell, primarily static loading and referred to as shell stability tests); and dynamic load testing at MSC (called the "short stack" dynamic tests). In effect, each Center assumed the task of overseeing the complete test article (spacecraft, instrument unit, and S-IVB forward skirt) being tested at its own location.

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