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Grigoryev, Mikhail (1917-1981) Russian officer. First Commander of Plesetsk 1957-1962.

Finished World War II as a brigade commander. Scientific and academic positions in the early 1950's at military institutes and schools. Named first commander of a Soviet ICBM base, and led its construction near Plesetsk. From 1962, Deputy Commander, and from 1966, Commander of a Missile Army within the RVSN Strategic Rocket Forces. A First Deputy on the General Staf of RVSN from 1968. Later chaired the State Trials Commission for Almaz.

Born: 1917.10.23.
Died: 1981.11.12.

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  • RVSN Russian agency overseeing development of spacecraft. Raketniye Voiska Stratigcheskovo Naznacheniya (Russian Strategic Rocket Forces), Russia. More...

  • Siddiqi, Asif A, The Soviet Space Race With Apollo, University Press of Florida, 2003.

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