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Gross, Robert Ellsworth (1897-1961) American manager. President of Lockheed, 1932-1961. Took a bankrupt company and made it an aerospace leader, including the Polaris SLBM, KH- series of reconnsats, Agena upper stage, X-17 rocket, and U-2, SR-71, and Suntan aircraft projects.

Robert Ellsworth Gross had worked for Lee Higginson Corp. (1919-1927), Stearman Aircraft Co. (1927-1928), and the Viking Flying Boat Co. (as president, 1928-1930). In 1932 he became president and chairman of the board of Lockheed Aircraft Corp., a position he held until at least 1960.

Born: 1897.
Died: 1961.01.01.

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