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Hage, George H (1925-) American engineer. At Boeing from 1947-1968, on Bomarc, Minuteman, and reconnsats. 1968-1969 NASA Deputy Director of the Apollo program. Returned to Boeing, then from 1973 President, Aerojet.

George H. Hage was associated with Project Apollo in the 1960s. After completing his B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Washington, in 1947 he went to work at the Boeing Company. He was involved in the development of the Bomarc and Minuteman missile systems, and in 1962 went to the Minuteman assembly and test complex in Florida in 1962. From there he took charge of Boeing's reconnaissance efforts, and in 1968 he came to NASA headquarters as Deputy Director of the Apollo program. Soon afterward Hage returned to Boeing, and in 1973 was appointed president of the Aerojet Solid Propulsion Company.

Born: 1925.

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