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Heimburg, Karl Ludwig (1910-1997) German-American engineer. Worked in Japan 1937-1941, then at Peenemuende. Worked on test stands for Wasserfall and A4b. Helped with Backfire. Then joined von Braun team, becoming Director, Test Division, in Huntsville.

German expert in guided missiles during World War II. Educated at the Technische Hochschule in Darmstadt. Opposed to Hitler, he travelled through the Soviet Union in 1936-1937 to Japan and began working there. He returned from Japan on leave in 1941, only to be immediately drafted in Stuttgart and sent to Peenemuende. He was hired by Ludwig Roth in the project office, and worked on the A7. When this was cancelled, he was assigned to work on Test Stand VII. This was followed on development of test stands for the Wasserfall missile and the 'Schwimmweste' floating launch platform for the Wasserfall. In late 1944 he worked on the crash program to build and test the A4b, a winged version of the V-2. He was sent to Lehesten in November 1944 to co-ordinate work on testing of production V-2 engines. He left there in April 1945, seeking to join the rest of the Von Braun group in Oberammergau. After being moved to Witzenhausen and participating with the British in Operation Backfire, he agreed to go to the United States. As of January 1947, he was at Fort Bliss, Texas. Worked his entire life with the rocket team, at Fort Bliss, White Stands, and then at Huntsville. As of 1960, Director, Test Division, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Died at Huntsville, Alabama.

Birth Place: German.
Born: 1910.01.29.
Died: 1997.01.26.

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