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Hermann, Rudolf

Hermann, Rudolf (1904-1991) German-American expert in supersonics during World War II. Member of the German rocket team, arrived in America under Project Paperclip on 1945.11.16 aboard the Argentina from La Havre. As of January 1947, working at Wright Field, Ohio.

Birth Place: German.

Born: 1904.
Died: 1991.01.01.

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  • Michels, Juergen and Przybilski, Olaf, Peenemuende und seine Erben in Ost und West, Bernard & Graefe, Bonn, 1997.
  • Objective List of German and Austrian Scientists, Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, 2 January 1947.
  • Saenger, Hartmut E and Szames, Alexandre D, From the Silverbird to Interstellar Voyages, IAC-03-IAA.2.4.a.07.

Hermann, Rudolf Chronology

September 1936 - . Launch Site: Peenemuende. LV Family: V-2. Launch Vehicle: V-2.
  • First supersonic wind tunnel. - . Nation: Germany. Related Persons: Hermann, Rudolf. Following problems with testing of the A3 (a subscale version of the planned V-2) by Dr Hermann, Von Braun proposes to the Germany army that a supersonic wind tunnel be constructed at a cost he estimates as 300,000 Marks. Other parts of the Army are not supportive of the facility, but it is finally built, costing millions more than Von Braun estimated.

Early 1940 - .
  • Von Braun learns of Saenger's secret work at Trauen - . Nation: Germany. Related Persons: Saenger; von Braun; Thiel, Walter; Hermann, Rudolf. Saenger's advanced rocketry work was so secret that Von Braun was not even aware of it until one of his team, looking for a new method of rocket ignition, heard of its existence. Von Braun, Walter Thiel, and Rudolf Hermann were finally given a tour of Saenger's advanced facilities at Trauen.

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