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Hujsak, Edward J (1925-) American engineer. Designer of rocket engines and advanced launch vehicle designs; worked on the Rascal, Atlas, Centaur, and Space Station programs.

Hujsak, son of a Polish farmer, graduated in chemical engineering from the University of New Hampshire in 1949. His first job was at Bell in Niagara Falls, where he worked on the liquid rocket engine for the Rascal air-launched missile. In 1955 he moved to Convair in San Diegoas a Senior Design Engineer for the Atlas ICBM engines. He rose in the engineering hierarchy, moving from the Atlas to the Centaur program, finally being a senior staff specialist for advanced upper stages and future expendable launch vehicles.

He retired from General Dynamics in 1988 but continued as a consultant for outside-of-the-box concepts, such as sea-based launch systems and future electronics. In the course of his career Hujsak was granted many patents, the very titles of which indicate the scope of his work: Space maneuvering vehicle control thruster; Mechanism for deploying a deployable truss beam; Method and device for protecting a liquid rocket booster from impact and environmental damage to permit recovery and reuse; Space based orbit transfer vehicle; Roving geosynchronous orbit satellite maintenance system; Space rail for large space systems; Docking system for space structures; Recovery system for rocket engine; Space platform docking device; Fluid pressure sensitive resistance bridge circuit; and Heat sink/fluid-to-fluid mechanical coupling of spacecraft coolant systems.

He was the author of The Future of U.S. Rocketry. Hujsak was also active in the arts, having designed and built specialized musical instruments, written poetry and children's books, and was a recognized metal sculptor.

Birth Place: Nashua, New Hampshire.

Born: 1925.02.01.

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