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Ivanov, Georgi

Ivanov Georgi
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Ivanov, Georgi (1940-) Bulgarian pilot cosmonaut. Flew on Salyut 6 EP-5-1. First Bulgarian astronaut. Changed his name when he was selected for cosmonaut training because Kakalov had a scatalogical meaning in Russian. Later member of the Bulgarian Parliament.

Candidate of technical sciences degree, 1984. Engineer in Bulgarian Air Force.

Birth Place: Lovech.
Status: Inactive.

Born: 1940.07.02.
Spaceflights: 1 .
Total time in space: 1.96 days.

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Associated Countries
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  • Cosmonaut Category of persons who have been trained for spaceflight in Russia. More...
  • Intercosmos Group - 1978 Requirement: pilots from friendly socialist countries to visit Salyut space stations for propaganda purposes on Soyuz ferry-exchange missions. More...

Associated Flights
  • Salyut 6 EP-5-1 Crew: Ivanov Georgi, Rukavishnikov. First Bulgarian astronaut. Manned two crew. Mission to swap Soyuz lifeboats docked to station. Backup crew: Aleksandrov Aleksandr, Romanenko. More...

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  • Salyut 6 Mishin was authorised in December 1973 to build an improved design DOS-5 version of the Salyut station using Almaz facilities. Mishin's bureau borrowed the two docking port configuration of Chelomei's Almaz OPS-2 This station's second docking port would allow rotation of crews and resupply/refueling using unmanned Progress spacecraft. More...

  • Becker, Joachim, "Space Facts Web Site", http://www.spacefacts.de/, Web Address when accessed: here.

Ivanov, Georgi Chronology

1978 March 1 - .
1979 April 10 - . 17:34 GMT - . Launch Site: Baikonur. Launch Complex: Baikonur LC31. LV Family: R-7. Launch Vehicle: Soyuz 11A511U.
1979 April 12 - .
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