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Kartashov, Anatoli Yakovlevich (1932-2005) Russian pilot cosmonaut, 1960-1961.

Graduated from Higher Air Force School, 1954 Pilot, Soviet Air Force. Left team after being overstressed in centrifuge training, 7 April 1961. Serve again as pilot of Soviet Air Force until retirement as a Colonel in 1985. Thereafter worked as a test pilot for Antonov in Kiev.

Birth Place: Pervoy Sadovoye.
Status: Deceased.
Born: 1932.08.25.
Died: 2005.12.11.

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Kartashov Chronology

1960 February 25 - .
  • Soviet Air Force Cosmonaut Training Group 1 selected. - . Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Anikeyev; Belyayev; Bondarenko; Bykovsky; Filatyev; Gagarin; Gorbatko; Kartashov; Khrunov; Komarov; Leonov; Nelyubov; Nikolayev; Popovich; Rafikov; Shonin; Titov; Varlamov; Volynov; Zaikin. The group was selected to provide pilot astronauts for the Vostok manned spaceflight program.. Qualifications: Military jet aircraft pilots under 30 years of age; under 170 cm tall; under 70 kg in weight.. While the Americans sought mature test pilots for their first spaceflights, the Soviets recruited young pilots with the intent of training them for a career as spacemen. There were 3,000 applicants following interviews with medical doctor teams that toured Soviet air bases beginning in August 1959. 102 were called for physical and psychological tests. 8 of these were selected, but then Chief Designer Korolev said he wanted a pool three times larger than the American Mercury cadre. Of the 20 selected, 12 would fly in space. Of the 8 that did not, 1 died in a ground fire in training; 3 were dismissed for disciplinary reasons; and 4 left following injuries in training.

1962 March 16 - .
2005 December 11 - .
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