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Klyushnikova, Dr Olga Nikolayevna (1953-) Russian physician cosmonaut, 1979-1986. Civilian Physician, Institute of Medical Biological Problems. Cosmonaut training from October 1979 - July 1980. Did not complete training, when the government commission did not confirm his selection.

Status: Inactive.
Born: 1953.10.14.

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  • IMBP Insitute for the Study of Biomedical Problems, Russia. More...

  • Becker, Joachim, "Space Facts Web Site", http://www.spacefacts.de/, Web Address when accessed: here.

Klyushnikova Chronology

1980 January 1 - .
  • Female Cosmonaut Training Group selected. - . Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Ivanova; Klyushnikova. Summary: The training group was selected for planned female missions to upstage any American female 'first in space' missions aboard the space shuttle. Soviet women would make the first female spacewalk, and the first all-female crew was planned..

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