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Koelle, Prof. Dr-Ing Heinz-Hermann (1925-) Visionary German-American engineer, worked at Huntsville as Director of Future Projects for von Braun 1955-1965. Headed Lunex moon base project; key role in engine selection for Saturn. Taught in Germany at TUB after 1965. Advocate of SSTO.

Born 1925 in the former Freestate of Danzig, Pilot during World War II, (1954) MS Mechanical Engineering, Technical University Stuttgart, (1963) Ph.D. Berlin, (1955-65) member of the von Braun team at Huntsville Alabama, eventually heading the influential Advanced Projects Office. A key decision maker in source selection of propulsion for the Saturn vehicles. (Chief, Preliminary Design, ABMA & Director, Future Projects NASA/MSFC), (1960) US Citizen, (1961) Editor-in-Chief: Handbook of Astronautical Engineering -McGraw-Hill, (1965-91) Professor of Space Technology, Technical University Berlin (TUB), (1989-91) Dean, Department of Transportation, Technical University Berlin, Member of International Academy of Astronautics, Chairman, Subcommittee on Lunar development, over 300 publications.

Birth Place: Danzig.

Born: 1925.

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