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Krylov, Boris

Krylov, Boris Nikolayevich (1934-) Russian officer. Chief of Central Communications and Navigation Systems at GNITs KS Space Tracking Centre 1982-1992.

From 1952-1957 attended the S M Budenniy Military Red-Banner Communications Academy. Afterwards began service as a deputy commander for technical units within a communications battalion. Later Senior Officer for Operational Communications to the Chief of Staff of a head of communications forces. In March 1966 made Chief of Laboratory of the 24th Unit of TsKIK Space Tracking Centre. From 1966 to 1977 served in successively higher posts, specialising in the areas of space communications systems, notably television and communications relay. In 1982 made a Chief at GNITs. Retierd 1992.

Born: 1934.

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