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Lampton, Dr Michael Logan (1941-) American physicist payload specialist astronaut, 1978-1990.

Bachelor of science in physics from CalTech, 1962; Ph.D. in physics from the University of California-Berkeley, 1967; research physicist in the University of California; was selected and served as backup payload specialist for STS-9; selected as payload specialist for the STS-61K/Spacelab EOM 1-2 mission (manifested 03-09-1986, but cancelled after the Challenger accident), 27.12.1985; selected as payload specialist for the same (but renamed) mission, STS-45/ATLAS-1, October 1989; replaced by backup payload specialist Dirk Frimout from Belgium due to medical problems, 10.09.1991.

Birth Place: Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Status: Inactive.

Born: 1941.03.01.

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  • STS-61-K Crew: Brand, Griggs, Stewart, Nicollier, Garriott, Lichtenberg, Lampton, Stevenson. Planned EOM-1 shuttle mission. Cancelled after Challenger disaster. No crew named, later combined with STS-61K Backup crew: Frimout, Chappell. More...

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