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Lawrence, Robert

Lawrence Robert
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Lawrence Robert
Lawrence, Robert Henry Jr (1935-1967) African-American pilot astronaut, 1967-1967.

America's first astronaut of African-American heritage, he was born in Chicago Illinois. He received a BS in chemistry from Bradley University in 1956, and a doctorate in nuclear chemistry from Ohio State University in 1965. He was a Major in the USAF when selected for MOL Group 3 in 1967. On December 8, 1967, while practicing zoom landings in an F-104B with Major Harvey Royer, the F-104 came they were flying came in too low and hit the runway. Royer ejected and survived, but Lawrence was killed. He left behind a wife and one son.

Birth Place: African, Illinois.
Status: Deceased.

Born: 1935.10.02.
Died: 1967.12.08.

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Lawrence, Robert Chronology

1967 June 30 - .
  • USAF MOL Astronaut Training Group 3 selected. - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Abrahamson; Herres; Lawrence, Robert. The group was selected to provide crews for flights of the Manned Orbiting Laboratory, a classified military manned space station.. Qualifications: Qualified military pilot; graduate of Aerospace Research Pilot School; serving military officer; US citizen by birth..

1967 December 8 - .
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