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Lunney, Glynn S (1936-) American engineer, at NASA 1958-1985. Worked on projects Mercury and Apollo, managed Apollo-Soyuz project, managed development of the space shuttle.

Glynn S. Lunney was a long-time NASA official. Trained as an aeronautical engineer, he came to the Lewis Research Center near the time of the creation of NASA in 1958, and became a part of the Space Task Group developing Project Mercury the next year. He worked on the Apollo program in series of positions, including Manager of the Apollo Spacecraft Program in 1973, and manager of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project at the Johnson Space Center, in Houston, Texas. Thereafter, he managed the development of the Space Shuttle and served in several other NASA positions. Lunney retired from NASA in 1985 and became vice president and general manager, Houston Operations, for Rockwell International's Space Systems Division.

Born: 1936.

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Lunney Chronology

1965 March 22 - .
  • Glynn S Lunney named Assistant Flight Director for Apollo missions 201 and 202 - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Lunney. Program: Apollo. Glynn S. Lunney was named by MSC Director Robert R. Gilruth as Assistant Flight Director for Apollo missions 201 and 202. Lunney would continue to serve as Chief of the Flight Dynamics Branch, Flight Control Division, and as MSC Range Safety Coordinator with the U.S. Air Force Eastern Test Range.

1973 March 6 - .
  • Apollo Spacecraft Program Office reorganized - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Lunney. Program: Apollo. Summary: The Apollo Spacecraft Program Office, with Glynn S. Lunney as Manager, was reorganized. Lunney was also Manager for ASTP (Apollo/Soyuz Test Project), an assignment to which he had been appointed in June of 1972..

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