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Lu Xiangxiao

Lu Xiangxiao (1936-) Chinese PLAAF pilot, astronaut in the first Chinese training group of 1971-1972.

Lu Xiangxiao, an astronaut in the first Chinese training group of 1971-1972, was later commander of the Air Force Third Aviation Squadron, and finally Deputy Chief of Staff for the Seventh Armed Force. On 3 January 1966 Lu, flying a MiG-17, shot down a high-altitude American AQM-34 drone. He was one of several astronauts with combat experience against American aircraft invading Chinese airspace during the Vietnam War. He was a PLAAF squadron commander when selected.

Birth Place: Changde, Hunan.
Status: Inactive.

Born: 1936.

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  • PLAAF Chinese agency overseeing development of spacecraft. People's Liberation Army Air Force, China. More...

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