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Meshcheryakov, Ivan Vasiliyevich (1922-) Russian officer. Lieutenant General, Chief 50-TsNII KS military space research institute 1983-1988.

Served in World War II as an officer of parachute troops, fighting at Stalingrad. By September 1944 was reconnaissance officer for a Guards Parachute Regiment. Hospitalised September 1944-April 1945 after being severely wounded in fighting in Czechoslovakia. Trained at the Kuibyshev Military Engineering Academy 1952-1958. In January 1958 assigned to 4 NII MO institute, becoming in 1967 Deputy Chief of the Institute for Space Units. Retired in 1988. Decorated as a Hero of Soviet Labour for his outstanding work in trials of space communications systems. Also received many decorations for his actions in World War II and his work in rocket development.

Born: 1922.

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