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Moiseyev, Yevgenity Georgeyevich (1921-) Russian officer. Colonel, Chief of Sixth Trials Directorate of 5 NIIP MO at Baikonur, 1967-1974.

Entered the Soviet Army in July 1939. Trained at the Frunze Higher Military-Naval School in 1939-1940. Commanded barge on the Caspian Sea in 1943. From 1944-1957 served in the Hydro-meteorological Service at Dnepropetrovsk, then in the Baltic in 1957-1960 as a Senior Officer on the staff of the Liepaisk Naval Base. In January 1961 he was assigned to 5 NIIP MO. He held positions of increasing importance there, becoming responsible for piloted spacecraft in 1967, working on the N1-L3 program. There he supervised all four of the failed launches of the N1 super booster. Following loss of the moon race to the Americans and the cancellation of the N1-L3 program, Moiseyev was retired 'on medical grounds' in August 1974.

Born: 1921.

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