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Moore, John R (1916-) American engineer, developed pioneering inertial navigation and automated flight control systems for Navaho, leading to systems for the X-15, B-70, and Apollo, making North American the premier US contractor for advanced inertial navigation.

Moore graduated from Washington University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1937. He worked for General Electric in airborne gunfire and missile guidance systems until 1946. He worked for two years at the Washington University Research Foundation until being hired by North American Aviation as Leader of their Aerophysics Laboratory Electromechanical Group in 1948. Under his leadership the pioneering inertial navigation system and automated flight control systems for the Navaho intercontinental cruise missile were developed, which led to later systems for the Hound Dog cruise missile, X-15 and B-70 aircraft, and Apollo. His leadership made what became North American's Autonetics Division one of the premier American sources of expertise in advanced aircraft inertial guidance and control systems. Moore was named President of that division in 1960.

He was considered a prime candidate to become North American's President once Kindelberger retired and Lee Atwood moved up to the CEO position. After the acquisition of North American by Rockwell Corporation in 1967 Moore indeed became President of North American Rockwell. However things did not work out well with the new corporate headquarters, and by 1970 he moved to McDonnell Douglas where he founded and then became President of the Nitron McDonnell Douglas microelectronics subsidiary. He left McDonnell Douglas in 1978, then joined Northrop in 1979, eventually becoming General Manager of Northrop's Electro-Mechanical Division in 1985.

Moore was an accomplished engineer, reported to be debonaire, a snappy dresser, and a lady's man.

Born: 1916.

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