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Overhage, Carl FJ (1910-1995) American physicist, director of Lincoln Laboratories 1957-1964.

Carl F.J. Overhage earned his Ph.D. in physics at Caltech in 1937 and served as acting director of research for Technicolor Motion Picture Corp. until 1941, when he joined the staff of the radiation laboratory at MIT from 1942-1945. After a stint with Eastman Kodak from 1946-1954, he joined the Lincoln Laboratories of MIT, becoming its director from 1957-1964, after which he served as a professor of engineering.

Born: 1910.04.02.
Died: 1995.08.07.

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1995 August 7 - .
  • Death of Carl FJ Overhage - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Overhage. Summary: American physicist, director of Lincoln Laboratories 1957-1964..

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