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Polyakov, Boris

Polyakov Boris
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Polyakov, Boris Ivanovich (1938-) Russian physician cosmonaut, 1964-1964.

Graduated from State Medical Institute, Rostov-on-Don, 1961. Doctor of medical sciences, 1981. Doctor at State Centre of Medico-Biological Problems (IMBP). From 1989, Chief of Laboratory, Moscow Dental Medical Institute. From 1991, Director of Adapzia Research Center. Author of more than 60 scientific papers.

Birth Place: Rostov-na-Donu / Russian SFSR.
Status: Inactive.
Born: 1938.05.10.

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  • Becker, Joachim, "Space Facts Web Site", http://www.spacefacts.de/, Web Address when accessed: here.

Polyakov, Boris Chronology

1964 May 26 - .
  • Voskhod Cosmonaut Training Group selected. - . Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Benderov; Lazarev; Polyakov, Boris; Sorokin; Yegorov. The group was selected toprovide payload specialists and physicians for Voskhod spaceflights.. Qualifications: Engineers, scientists, or physicians nominated by their parent organizations; under 40 years of age; under 170 cm tall; under 70 kg in weight.. In 1963 it was decided to fly the Voskhod multi-seat spacecraft. There followed a chaotic struggle between the commander of the Soviet cosmonaut team, Kamanin, and leaders of other military and civilian scientific and engineering organisations over who would fly on these missions. The training group for the first Voskhod 3-seat mission included:

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