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Prikhodko, Yuri Victorovich (1953-2001) Tajik-Russian test pilot cosmonaut, 1989-1994.

Graduated from Kachinsk Higher Air Force School, 1975 and from a civil test pilot school (Flight Research Center), 1986. Candidate of Technical Sciences degree, 1989. Test pilot, Soviet Air Force In 1988 he became an exchange pilot in the United States, and decided to stay. He was went to work for Graystone Technology and was waiting for a green permanent resident card. He had hopes of becoming an American test pilot or NASA astronaut. He died of cancer.

Birth Place: Dushanbe.
Status: Deceased.

Born: 1953.11.15.
Died: 2001.07.25.

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Prikhodko Chronology

1989 March 22 - .
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2001 July 25 - .
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