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Schmidt, Paul

Schmidt, Paul (1898-) German engineer, physicist and expert in jet propulsion at Peenemuende during World War II. As of January 1947, working at Munich, Allach.

Born: 1898.

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  • Michels, Juergen and Przybilski, Olaf, Peenemuende und seine Erben in Ost und West, Bernard & Graefe, Bonn, 1997.
  • Objective List of German and Austrian Scientists, Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, 2 January 1947.

Schmidt, Paul Chronology

June 1932 - . LV Family: V-1. Launch Vehicle: V-1.
  • V-1 engine concept patented. - . Nation: Germany. Related Persons: Schmidt, Paul. German engineer, Paul Schmidt, working from design of Lorin tube, developed and patented a ramjet engine later modified and used in the V-1 Flying Bomb. The concept of the world's first jet-powered cruise missile was originated by Flight Staff Engineer Bree. The pulse engine was based on a French patent dating to the 1890's. The engine, which operated by creating 500 fuel-air explosions per minute, was designed for a specific operational altitude. The guidance system consisted of propellor in the nose. When this had turned a preset number of times (corresponding to the desired range to the target), the counter pushed the missile's rudder hard over, resulting on a dive to the ground. A V-1 could be produced for one tenth of the cost of a V-2.

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