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Stepanov, Eduard

Stepanov Eduard
Credit: Yves Dejardin Collection - Yves Dejardin Collection
Stepanov, Eduard Nikolayevich (1937-) Russian engineer cosmonaut, 1965-1992.

Graduated from Air Force Radiotechnical Engineering School, Kiev, 1959, with an engineering diploma. Candidate of technical sciences degree, 1974. Cosmonaut training from November 1965 - December 1967. Involved in the development of the Buran spaceplane. After he left the cosmonaut corps in 1992 he worked again for the TsPK.

Birth Place: Verkhopeniye, Kursk.
Status: Inactive.

Born: 1937.04.14.

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Associated Flights
  • Salyut 7/TKS-2 Crew: Glazkov, Makrushin, Stepanov Eduard. Planned TKS manned mission to Salyut 7 station. Cancelled December 1981; TKS-2 flew unmanned to Salyut 7 as Cosmos 1443. Backup crew: Artyukhin, Yuyukov, Berezovoi. More...

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  • Becker, Joachim, "Space Facts Web Site", http://www.spacefacts.de/, Web Address when accessed: here.

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1965 October 23 - .
1965 October 28 - .
Late 1982 - .
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