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Tregub, Yakov Isayevich Russian engineer. Deputy Chief Designer 1964-1973 of Korolev design bureau for flight controls for piloted flights.

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  • Siddiqi, Asif A, The Soviet Space Race With Apollo, University Press of Florida, 2003.

Tregub Chronology

1966 September 10 - .
  • Soyuz crew selection dispute to be resolved - . Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Pashkov; Litvinov; Kerimov; Pravetskiy; Tregub; Rudenko. Program: Soyuz. While Gemini 11 orbits above, the Soviet leadership argues about fundamental organisational details. Pashkov leads a meeting of the VPK, with Litvinov, Kerimov, Pravetskiy, Tregub, Tsarev, Bogdanov; Rudenko, and Moroz present. After prolonged debate, it is decided that Kiyasov, Kerimov and Kamanin will prepare a letter to the Central Committee. The TsPK Cosmonaut Training Centre will remain the only such centre in the country. However the VVS will agree to some modifications in existing selection and training arrangements. The Ministry of Public Health will be excluded from participation in selection and training of cosmonauts.

1969 February 10 - .
1970 February 14 - .
  • Soyuz 9 issues - . Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Tregub; Anokhin. Program: Soyuz. Flight: Soyuz 9. Spacecraft: Soyuz 7K-OK. Kamanin meets with TsKBEM (Tregub, Anokhin) to review issues for the Soyuz 9 mission. These include post-flight care of the cosmonauts, the fact the centrifuge is not available for training, storage of rations and the possibility of spoilage during the long flight.

1970 June 4 - .
  • Soyuz 9 Day 4 - . Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Nikolayev; Sevastyanov; Tereshkova; Mishin; Tregub. Program: Soyuz. Flight: Soyuz 9. Spacecraft: Soyuz 7K-OK. There are a total of 500 staff at Yevpatoriya for the mission, including 53 representatives from the VVS, 6 military cosmonauts, and 3 civilian cosmonauts. Mishin returns to Moscow, leaving Tregub in his place. In the afternoon there is a problem with the control of the spacecraft's solar cells. On the 47th orbit Sevastyanov reports that one solar panel is energised, but only generating 26 amps. This could only mean that the automatic control of the solar panels was not working. On the second day the crew had to engage and disengage the solar batteries 12 times manually. After the 15th manual session it became clear that the mission could last only eight days before the batteries would run down. In the orbit of Soyuz 9 in June, the night lasts 40 minutes. On the previous flight, in October, it lasted only 10 minutes and this would not have been a problem. The crew is told to revolve the spacecraft at 0.5 deg/sec around the long axis. By this method the spacecraft remains fully oriented towards the sun, and the batteries don't have to work so long on the night passes. The cosmonauts do not report any unpleasant sensations from the rotation. At the 23:25 communications sessions the cosmonauts report that their appetites are good and they are sleeping well.

1971 May 17 - .
  • Feoktistov pushed for flight to DOS#2. - . Nation: USSR. Related Persons: Tregub; Feoktistov. Program: Salyut. Spacecraft: Salyut 1. Summary: Tregub calls Kamanin to promote Feoktistov's plan to participate in a flight to a Salyut station..

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