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Voznyuk, Vasili Ivanovich (1907-1976) Russian officer. Commander of Kapustin Yar from 1946 to 1973.

Entered the Red Army in 1925. Assigned to the 30th Artillery Regiment in September 1929. Served on the Western Front in World War II. Became first Chief of Kapustin Yar in June 1946. Selected the Baikonur launch site in 1955. Retired from the service in April 1973. Credited with single-handedly turning the uninhabitable region of Kapustin Yar into a tolerable living area, with modern living and technical facilities, and great concern for the welfare of those under his command.

Born: 1907.
Died: 1976.09.12.

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1976 September 12 - .
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