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Wang Zhiyue

Wang Zhiyue (1941-) Chinese pilot taikonaut, 1971, but program cancelled less than a year later.

Wang Zhiyue, an astronaut in the first Chinese training group of 1971-1972, was later Commander of the Air Force Third Division. Wang was born in Shandong Laichau. In 1958 he graduated from school, and then entered the Air Force. On March 7, 1968 his MiG-19 shot down a high altitude drone, winning the Merit Citation, First Class. He noted the difficulty of hitting the subsonic high altitude drone using a supersonic fighter. Wang would continue as a fighter pilot from 1959 to 1992, far beyond the normal grounding age of 45. Wang recalled that there was much speculation among the candidates as to why they were called to Beijing at the end of November 1970 and subjected to rigorous physical examinations and interviews. However he suspected the true cause when seeing a documentary film about the Soviet cosmonauts.

Birth Place: Laizhou, Shandong.
Status: Inactive.

Born: 1941.

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