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Woerdemann, Hugo H (1915-1999) German-American radio systems engineer, first worked with early rocketeers in 1934. Member of the Rocket Team at Peenemuende and the United States until 1950; thereafter working in radio technology for North American Aviation and his own firm, Magnetic Research Corporation. Died a grapefruit rancher in Temecula, California.

Raised in Cuxhaven, Woerdemann was, like so many others, inspired by Fritz Lang's Frau im Mond . When Richard Tiling came to Cuxhaven in the summer of 1934 to conduct flight experiments, Wordemann assisted and had his first taste of practical rocketry. Woerdemann pursued rocketry at the Technical Hochschule in Dresden. He eventually wound up in Peenemuende, specializing in V-2 radio guidance, instrumentation, and telemetry.

He was a member of the Rocket Team in the United States, first arriving under Project Paperclip on 16 November 1945 aboard the Argentina from La Havre. He returned to Germany, returning on 28 May 1946 aboard the Aiken Victory, this time with $390 in his pocket. He was described at age 31 as 5'9" tall, ruddy complexion, black hair and brown eyes.

By 1952 Woerdemann was working for North American Aviation, where he received several patents for electronic devices. Woerdemann became a US citizen in Torrance, California on 13 May 1955. In 1956 Woerdemann, together with Bodo Wolfframm, another member of von Braun's rocket team, set up their own company, Magnetic Research Corporation, in El Segundo, California. Magnetic Research remained active until 1960. Theerafter both men worked for other electronics firms.

Woerdemann retired to Temecula, California in 1971 and became a grapefruit farmer. He was active in amateur radio groups, broadcasting from this ranch with the call-sign K6TE.

Birth Place: German.

Born: 1915.02.21.
Died: 1999.06.24.

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1999 June 24 - .
  • Death of Hugo H Woerdemann - . Nation: Germany; USA. Related Persons: Woerdemann. Summary: German-American engineer in WW2. Member of the Rocket Team in the United States thereafter, arrived in America under Project Paperclip on 1945.11.16 aboard the Argentina from La Havre. Died at Temecula, Riverside, California..

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