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Yakovlev, Oleg Anatolyevich (1940-1990) Russian pilot cosmonaut, 1965-1973.

Graduated from Chernigov and Chuguyev Higher Military Pilot School and from Gagarin Air Force Academy, Monino, 1976. Candidate of technical sciences degree, 1982. Cosmonaut training November 1965 - December 1967. Left cosmonaut group for medical reasons. Employed as a scientist at a research institute of the Ministry of Defense.

Birth Place: Leningrad, Leningrad.
Status: Deceased.

Born: 1940.12.31.
Died: 1990.05.02.

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Associated Flights
  • Soyuz sn 20 Crew: Vorobyov, Yazdovsky. Soyuz s/n 20 would have been the active spacecraft of the second dual launch to test the Kontakt lunar orbit rendezvous system. A crew transfer using the Krechet spacesuit would presumably have taken place. Backup crew: Yakovlev, Porvatkin. More...
  • Soyuz sn 21 Crew: Yakovlev, Porvatkin. Soyuz s/n 21 equipped with the passive Kontakt rendezvous/docking system of the LK lunar lander. Would have served as a docking target for Soyuz s/n 20 . A crew transfer using the Krechet spacesuit would presumably have taken place. Backup crew: Kovalyonok, Isakov. More...

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Yakovlev Chronology

1965 October 23 - .
1965 October 28 - .
1971 June 15 - .
1990 May 2 - .
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