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Yasinskiy, Aleksandr Filippovich (1930-) Russian officer. Deputy Chief GNITs KS Space Tracking Centre for military operations 1982-1989.

In 1950 completed the Kiev Electromechanical Technical School. From 1953-1956 he commanded a unit at the Kharkov military communications school. In 1961 he completed the higher aviation-engineering course in Kiev, and from 1961-1969 was Deputy to the Commander of Training of at tracking station NIP-13 GUKOS. From 1969-1972 he was Deputy for Training at NIP-13, and then from 1973-1982 Commander of tracking station NIP-10 at Simferopol. From 1982 he was Deputy Chief GNITs KS. He retired in 1989.

Born: 1930.

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