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Yu Guilin

Yu Guilin Chinese PLAAF pilot. Astronaut candidate in 1970, but failed centrifuge test.

Yu Guilin, born in Hunan, was an example of a candidate for the first Chinese astronaut group that was not selected. He graduated from junior middle school and sought selection as a pilot in 1956, but was rejected because of low body weight. In 1959 he completed high school. He reapplied, was able to meet the physical requirements, and began flying school in March 1960. After completing training he was retained as a flight instructor from May 1965. He was asked to report to the Beijing Air Force Main Hospital in the first batch of 340 candidates in November 1970. However he was washed out when his lung ruptured during centrifuge tests. Although this disqualified him from further consideration, he was able to continue his flying career.

Birth Place: , Hunan.
Status: Inactive.

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