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American communications technology satellite. One launch, 1993.02.09, Orbcomm OXP-1. Experimental spacecraft.

Gross mass: 15 kg (33 lb).
First Launch: 1993.02.09.
Number: 1 .

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  • Pegasus Privately-funded, air-launched winged light satellite launcher. More...

Associated Launch Vehicles
  • Pegasus American air-launched orbital launch vehicle. Privately-funded, air-launched winged light satellite launcher. More...

Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Orbcomm American agency overseeing development of spacecraft. Orbital Communications Corp, Dulles, USA. More...

Associated Programs
  • Orbcomm Orbcomm was a commercial venture to provide global messaging services using a constellation of 26 low-Earth orbiting satellites. More...

  • McDowell, Jonathan, Jonathan's Space Home Page (launch records), Harvard University, 1997-present. Web Address when accessed: here.
  • JPL Mission and Spacecraft Library, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 1997. Web Address when accessed: here.
  • McDowell, Jonathan, Launch Log, October 1998. Web Address when accessed: here.

Associated Launch Sites
  • Mayport DZ Air-launched rocket drop zone known to have been used for 5 launches from 1993 to 2003, reaching up to 794 kilometers altitude. More...

CDS Chronology

1993 February 9 - . 14:30 GMT - . Launch Site: Mayport DZ. Launch Pad: 29.0 N x 78.3 W. Launch Platform: NB-52 008. LV Family: Pegasus. Launch Vehicle: Pegasus. LV Configuration: Pegasus 003/F3.
  • Orbcomm OXP-1 - . Payload: Orbcomm CDS. Mass: 15 kg (33 lb). Nation: USA. Agency: Orbcomm. Program: Orbcomm. Class: Communications. Type: Civilian communications satellite. Spacecraft: CDS. USAF Sat Cat: 22489 . COSPAR: 1993-009A. Apogee: 794 km (493 mi). Perigee: 731 km (454 mi). Inclination: 25.0000 deg. Period: 100.10 min. Summary: Experimental spacecraft. Spacecraft engaged in research and exploration of the upper atmosphere or outer space (US Cat B). .

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