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CEV Andrews OTV

American manned spacecraft module. Study 2005. The Andrews CEV used a standard Orbital Transfer Vehicle for propulsion in low earth orbit or lunar transfer operations.

Structure: 397 kg (875 lb). Electrical Equipment: 626 kg (1,380 lb). Miscellaneous Contingency: 623 kg (1,373 lb). RCS Propellants: 325 kg (716 lb).

Gross mass: 10,563 kg (23,287 lb).
Unfuelled mass: 2,856 kg (6,296 lb).
Height: 7.50 m (24.60 ft).
Diameter: 4.50 m (14.70 ft).

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  • CEV Andrews American manned spacecraft. Study 2005. The Andrews Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) design adopted NASA's preferred Apollo CM re-entry vehicle shape, but combined it with a mission module crew cabin to minimize the CEV's mass. More...

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