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Crusader X

Crusader X
American manned spacecraft. Study 2004. X-Prize suborbital ballistic spacecraft concept of Micro-Space, Inc of Denver, Colorado.

Crusader X was proposed by a team led by Richard Speck of Micro-Space, Inc of Denver, Colorado. The concept used rocket powered vertical takeoff followed by a parachute descent. The Crusader X used a lightweight core frame with seats and windshield resembling a bobsled. This was strapped to the flank of a cluster of rocket motors. The sealed Personal Life Support unit included a backup parachute, communications, and GPS gear. The core frame held the attitude control jets, tiny flight controller, and parachute packages.

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2003 September 20 - .
  • Crusader X engine tests. - . Nation: USA. Program: X-Prize. Spacecraft: Crusader X. Summary: Micro-Space (Denver, Colorado, USA) conducted flight testing of their low thrust, liquid fuel launch system for the 6th and 7th times. Ground support and launch systems have been perfected..

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