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Gemini Observatory

Gemini Observatory
Credit: McDonnell Douglas
Gemini Variants
Modest modifications of Gemini proposed by McDonnell Douglas as a follow-on to the basic program (927 x 723 pixel version).
Credit: McDonnell Douglas
American manned spacecraft. Study 1966. Proposed version of Gemini for low-earth orbit solar or stellar astronomy. This would be launched by a Saturn S-IB. It has an enlarged reentry module which seems to be an ancestor of the 'Big Gemini' of 1967.

Crew Size: 2.

Gross mass: 18,500 kg (40,700 lb).
Height: 8.77 m (28.77 ft).

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Associated Launch Vehicles
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Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
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  • Advanced Gemini Spacecraft, Briefing, McDonnell Douglas, ca. 1967.

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